Some aspects of marketing can enter certain ethical gray areas. I am one of many entering this crazy age where nothing is private and everything about you can be found using the internet. As a marketing professional this is very interesting, but as a human being this is very frightening.

With so many different ways to access vast amounts of information, people are no longer taking things at face value so easily. From a marketing and ethical standpoint I strongly value the movement towards transparency. By transparency I mean that if one is using any kind of strategy that could be controversial, it is important to be open with the consumer about it in order to generate feedback. I think that spending more to practice more sustainable forms of business is a much better plan than investing in cheap, less ethical alternatives that could later be exposed and leave you with a huge hit to your brand. I foresee the future of marketing revolving around cleaner practices, as the shadier practices become outdated.

No matter how convenient certain marketing practices become, I am a firm believer that nothing will ever trump working with your consumer to fulfill their needs. At the end of the day, a good relationship with the people you are selling to is of the utmost importance. The consumer deserves to know what they are supporting when they invest in a product, and it is my mission to help guide them towards a brand that I believe in.