Champlain College Ski and Ride Club: Meeting 1

RAIL JAM 2013Under new leadership, the first Champlain Ski & Ride club meeting has taken place. Rather than the previous format of having a single leader, we have now decided to have two co-presidents lead the pack and it’s starting to look like it was the right decision. In the past, we have planned the dates of our events and trips as the year has gone, but in order to start planning immediately we have already set these dates in stone.

If you are familiar with the ski and snowboard industries, you know that Fall is premier season. Various companies spend all winter filming their professional skiers and riders, spend the summer editing the footage, and then by Fall it is time to showcase their work. Fortunately for me, I have the opportunity to decide who’s movies we premier here at Champlain and organize an event around it.

Along with the four movie premiers that we are planning, we are also in the midst of planning our largest event of the year, the annual Rail Jam. This is an event where Champlain skiers and riders have the chance to compete with each other for a variety of prizes, while their classmates can watch for free. In the three years that I have been involved we have seen a steady improvement year to year and have learned from our many mistakes made in the past. It is always an overwhelming amount of work for the whole club but the payoff is more than worth it when we see a couple hundred of our peers having a good time on campus.

In terms of the club, it’s looking like it’s all uphill from here. Stay tuned for more updates on what we are planning or even contact me if you would like to attend any!