Champlain College Gear Swap

gear posterOver the course of the past few months I have been working with a team of champlain students to put on a gear swap. If you have never been to a gear swap, you essentially go to sell, trade, or buy ski and snowboard gear. They are typically aimed at communities in ski towns, making it easy to drive attendance, but we foresaw challenges in getting a sizable turnout from the Champlain community.

We handled this by putting together a raffle with all of the proceeds going to the Chill Foundation, Burton’s nonprofit dedicated to helping less privileged kids learn how to snowboard, skateboard, and surf. After we had the cause, all we needed were sponsors that wanted to work with us to market themselves and donate product to our raffle.

j skisWe ended up receiving products from companies in the area, some of which being J skis, Wildlife, and with the big donation of a seasons pass, Smuggler’s Notch. Most of the sponsors accepted our invitation to table the gear swap and even sell their own merchandise.

Along with the raffle, we teamed up with the Center for Service and Civic Engagement to add a clothing drive to this little function. Students had the chance to bring in any unwanted clothing or blankets to donate to community organizations such as COTS and Spectrum. To top it off Champlain Dining Services was kind enough to donate a full taco bar, which was wildly helpful in getting students to wander in and check out what we had going on.

When it was all said and done we raised over $100 for the Chill Foundation, as well as collected around 20 pounds of clothing donations to distribute amongst the community. Though it doesn’t sound like much, we chalked up the event as a success, and the sponsors were all satisfied with the turnout which we estimate was approximately 100 students throughout the day.


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