686 Seconds, a film by 686

Recently I was a part of putting on Burlington, VT’s premier of snowboard company 686’s latest film, “686 Seconds”. 686 is a clothing company that has logged many years in the snowboarding industry, with a very diverse team of riders. The cool thing about hosting their Burlington premier at Champlain College is that one of their lead filmers, Ian Post, is a Champlain Alumni. Contacting and working with them to set up the premier was a breeze. We already had a strong supply of Ski & Ride Club gear to raffle off and sell, and they were willing to give us plenty of their own product to do as we pleased with.

In the past we have had successful movie premiers, as well as not-so-successful ones. This one just happened to go swimmingly. The auditorium was filled up and the crowd stayed until the very end. This was something that we didn’t even have to worry about considering the movie was put together so well. The blend between big mountain snowboarding and urban ripping was well balanced, meaning that the movie had a little something for everybody.

As we head into the final stretch of the semester, stay tuned for my write up on our Gear Swap, as well as my coverage of the largest rail jam in the east, Rails to Riches.



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