Steak Frites pt. 2

12185675_10206464420463712_1780050206_oThis past saturday I attended part 2 of the “Steak Frites” series. Steak Frites is an art show put on by local artist Jack Moore, who has put on a handful of other art shows in the past. The event was held at Signal Kitchen on Main st. in Burlington, VT around 8:00 pm. These art shows are all about giving local artists a chance to display and sell their art to a demographic in a setting that could be considered more laid back and less high strung than a typical art show

The cool thing about this event is that it isn’t necessarily all about the art. Jack’s vision for these shows has a goal that transcends simply making sales. The show’s goal is to have a good time and expose the community to some interesting art. This is why one of the main attractions of these shows is also the music.

For this element Jack recruited two DJ’s, Crusty Cuts and Loupo, who teamed up to spin hip-hop tracks for the whole evening. Both DJ’s have a solid fan-base in the area so adding them to the list of artists at the event was a strong marketing move as well.

Jack’s art shows are primarily advertised by creating a Facebook event. He posted the event many times on his personal page while other artists and friends of his did the same. He also used more than one image to advertise his show, the second one being the one posted above cooked up by local designer Mike Brewer. These flyers were printed and posted around town guerrilla style, but I believe the Facebook page had the strongest impact.

Without knowing any of the specifics in terms of art sales, I would consider the event successful. Aside from a couple folks being kicked out for drinking underage, there were little to no problems that evening. As somebody who has little art experience I found the event very accepting and comfortable and I’m sure the many other attendees in my position felt similarly. I had an excellent time and will absolutely be attending the next one!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment!


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