HG Skis: Children of the Guan

GuanA little over a week ago, I attended the premier for “Children of the Guan” by HG Skis. If you have never heard of HG, they are a small ski company based out of Burlington, VT and they are rapidly gaining exposure. For the past 3 years they have spent their winters filming their skiing in order to produce a film to be released the following fall season. Over the years I have become good friends with a few of the people involved, so naturally their film is always the one I look forward to the most during premier season.

In the past I have played a part in planning their premier through the Ski and Ride club, but this year they decided to take a more independent route and hold their premier at Arts Riot on Pine street. As their movie is fairly short, they joined forces with a group of Swedes that go by “The Bunch” in order to show their movie “Finito,” the final component to their movie trilogy they have been crafting over the years.

I arrived to the premier a few hours after the doors opened, right before the showing of Finito. It was easy to tell how excited the crowd was, especially with the large amounts of alcohol added to the situation. I had just enough time to grab a beer and find a seat amongst my friends before the lights went off and the movie started rolling.

As expected, Finito was one of the better ski movies I have ever seen. The skiing was on it’s own progressive level and the editing and film work was far from the norm. I was also surprised and thrilled that the movie featured the song “Semi on em” by Gucci Mane and Chief Keef, as were most of my friends. It is safe to say that by the end of the film, not a person in the audience was disappointed.

After the final credits of Finito, it was a full on mob to the Arts Riot bar as the previous round of drinks were universally finished half way through the first movie. After the audience made it back to the stage, Harrison and Connor, the co-owners of HG, got up for the big raffle. After rifling through the jar of raffle tickets, which came with the $5 entry fee, one lucky winner went home with a brand new pair of HG Stingers. As exciting as this was, this is where the event took an unfortunate turn.

As we were all waiting for the feature film to start, I noticed it was taking a lot longer than expected to get the movie playing. Rumors that the projector had overheated started to circulate throughout the venue, which started to look more and more like the truth as the minutes went by. Harrison then got on stage and let the audience know that the projector was out of commission and there was no backup in the venue, but he still encouraged the audience to continue partying and not consider the night a loss.

As disappointing as it was to not see Children of the Guan at the premier, I knew that it was out of their control. I was already satisfied with seeing Finito and having drinks with all of my friends, so I didn’t even think about the $5 I spent to get in. I believe that all but a handful of people felt the same way. They also promised to release the movie online for free to make up for it, and made good on their word.

The next night I watched the movie at my friends apartment in a much smaller, casual setting, and still had a good time. The movie did not disappoint in the least, and it was obvious how much work was put into it. As fun as it would have been to watch at the premier I understand that these things can happen unpredictably, in which case measures must be taken to salvage it. The HG squad still raffled off and gave out close to $700 worth of merchandise, as well as a first time showing of the Bunch’s movie. Along with releasing their movie online, that is the best they could have done to come back from their movie not showing. I am already looking forward to next year’s premier.

Check the movie out by clicking here and be sure to take a look at the HG Skis website.



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